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The thought of serving time in prison when criminal charges are pinned on you is daunting. It can also have a huge impact on your reputation both socially and in the business world. Add the financial repercussions as you have to pay for a lawyer.

Whether guilty or not, you’ll need a lawyer to get you through the process. You’re likely not knowledgeable on criminal law. Even if you are, you still need someone who will negotiate for you as being held in custody could make building a case difficult. (1)

As such, it’s imperative that you scan for the best criminal lawyer who can get you out of this mess or even reduce the intensity of the charges. It’s understandable, though, that in your current position, you’re too stressed to even distinguish between a good and an unqualified attorney. For that reason, this article will discuss everything you need to know when choosing reliable criminal law services. (1)

  1. Check the level of experience

The first very important thing you should do when choosing a criminal lawyer is to check their level of experience in the field. Criminal charges are very serious and could easily land you in prison for several years if you don’t get the right defense in court. As you desperately try to find the right attorney, you’re likely to come across many criminal lawyers willing to work on your case. But how will you know who’s experienced enough?

For one, you should hire someone who has been in the field for many years and has represented different types of clients. Such an attorney understands the process and knows what to do to simplify your situation. They also have enough knowledge and skills to maneuver any questions posed by the prosecutor.

  1. Find a lawyer who specializes in criminal law

Many lawyers go through various training courses that equip them with the knowledge to handle a wide range of cases. Although this could come in handy if your charges are complicated, their lack of specialization in one area – criminal law in this case – may also prove detrimental. Choose someone who has spent most of their career researching and handling similar cases to yours.

While at it, find a lawyer who is well-versed with the specifics of that particular case. All criminal charges are subject to specific laws, and yours may not be an exception. Therefore, being represented by someone who understands every bit of it will increase your chances of success. (2)

  1. Organize in-person interviews

Before you can decide that a given lawyer is right for you, it’d be wise to talk to have a one-on-one meeting with them. Of course, for this to give you the results you desire, you’ll need to do your research before the interview. Start by learning what is criminal law in Australia. Once you understand the basics, go in-depth and look for relevant information regarding your case while compiling a set of questions that you’ll ask during the meeting.

Another set of information you’ll need is anything you can find about the lawyer. Look through their social media handles and websites to see what they’ve been working on. Their reviews and ratings as given by previous clients will also come in handy.

During the interview, ask the relevant questions and pay close attention to how they present their answers. This way, you’ll know whether this is someone you’d like to work with through the court procedures. Choosing a criminal lawyer who’s not only trustworthy but also makes you feel comfortable is very crucial.

  1. Confirm their rates

When it comes to the billing part of it, you’ll need to ask yourself, how much do criminal lawyers make in Australia? Go through various criminal law-related articles, forums, and ask those who have enough knowledge about the system. Once you have an answer to your question, you can then create your budget and choose the right lawyer based on that value.

It’s worth noting, though, that the lawyer who charges the lowest fees isn’t always necessarily the best option. Your priority in such a situation is to find someone who can defend you adequately in court. But that’s not to say an attorney with the highest rates will automatically be the best. Consider all the other factors discussed above before making your final decision. (3)


Choosing the best criminal lawyer will help you overcome the hurdles that come with criminal charges. To ensure that you select the best candidate, it’s imperative that you first check their experience, and ask as many relevant questions as possible during in-person interviews. Also, to be sure about the rates, you should research on how much a criminal lawyer makes in Australia. With the average value in mind, you can then choose an attorney that doesn’t only provide the right services but at an affordable price as well.


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