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A young apprentice electrician who only dealt drugs “for a short time” before he was sprung did it to make a quick buck, a court has heard.

Plain clothes police watched on as a man, 20, of Bankstown conducted a deal outside Bondi Beach Public Bar at 11.10pm on September 26 Waverley Local Court was told on Tuesday.

After confirming someone had indeed bought cocaine from the vehicle for $600, officers searched his car and found $1200 in cash and a total of 19 bags of cocaine weighing 14g including the packaging.

The man’s lawyer told the court how the resulting four hours he spent in a police cell for the first time came as a shock to the system and this will be his “first and last” offence.

“He’s in full time employment in electrical, he studies it at Tafe,” his lawyer said.

“He does not have a drug habit

“He makes $660 a week at an electrical company and he hopes to get his own licence.

“(My client is) highly regarded in the community but his actions unfortunately have brought him before court.”

Magistrate Ross Hudson read aloud from the suspects letter of apology to the court and noted “you say as the report writer it was only a short time before you were detected”.

“He’s someone who is spoken of highly in the community as he should be,” Magistrate Hudson said.

“But this kind of behaviour is not because of addiction, it is for profit.

“You say it was at a time when your finances were stretched but sir there are other ways.

“There’s always an option which is legal – it’s ridiculous.”

For his charge of supply Uta’atu was sentenced to a $500 fine, 140 hours of community service and an 18 month Community Corrections Order.

For his charges of possession and dealing with the proceeds of crime he was sentenced to a 12 month Community Release Order.

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