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A father-of-two who was busted dealing out of his Camry for some extra cash has been convicted.
The father-of-two, 36, of Croydon Park, was convicted for the possession and supply of 4.8g of cocaine including packaging and dealing with $900 worth of proceeds of crime after police driving behind him in an unmarked car in Bondi witnessed the deal, a court has heard.

While the house painter does have a cocaine addiction, which has steadily reduced from two bags every two days to one bag a week, the profits weren’t all going to feed his habit, the court heard.

“Was this a case of need not greed?” Magistrate Ross Hudson asked.

“I don’t want to mislead the court Your Honour,” his lawyer replied.

“It was to fund his own habit but at the same time the financial (side) was a motivation.

Magistrate Hudson was told the man, who lives in social housing, had taken steps to reduce his usage of cocaine since his arrest on August 22.

For the charge of supply, the man was convicted and sentenced to an 18 month Community Corrections Order.

The man was slapped with another conviction and a 12 month Community Release Order for deal with proceeds of crime.

He was also convicted for the charge of possession.

“Alright sir, the warning for you is this. Your record is just sitting there,” Magistrate Hudson said.

“If you are back before the court for any matters … it’s an invitation to the court to give serious consideration to sentencing you to custody.

“Think about it. Access to your children, no. Painting, no. None of that happens inside.

“(You have said) you are still using cocaine. That has to stop because the temptation is there.

“The debt accrues and it becomes ‘why don’t you just drop this off for free for me?’”

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